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Minor Cosmetic Treatments

It is quite common to have some “minor cosmetic” skin issues, minor lumps or bumps, or infective skin or nail issues. The majority of these conditions are easy to diagnose, but the NHS is increasingly choosing not to undertake surgical treatment of such conditions, referring to them as “Procedures of Limited Clinical Value.” 

We know that in fact these procedures often do offer a great deal of value to patients, whether it is because they cause “physical irritation” or are “psychologically” cosmetically unacceptable. 

In our experience we find that post-procedure many patients no longer have any irritation and feel much better about their appearance. These minor cosmetic procedures can improve quality of life.

Examples of these issues might include

  • Skin tags or skin papillomas
  • Moles
  • “solar keratosis” – scaly skin patches (“sun spots”)
  • Lipid deposits due to high cholesterol “Xanthelasma”
  • sebacious cysts or inclusion cysts (within or under the skin)
  • lipomas - small or occasionally quite large fatty lumps under the skin
  • “Hydradenitis” – infected areas of groin or armpit skin
  • Ganglions
  • Nail problems e.g. in-growing toenails or recurrent infections
  • Thread veins – see our page on injection treatments

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