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Introducing Hernia Surgery

Hernias can cause real discomfort, especially when strenuous activity is attempted, from sport to gardening.

Hernias occur when part of the bowel gets trapped within the hernia sac. This can cause great pain and even vomiting due to obstruction of the bowel, and occasionally the blood supply to the bowel stuck in the hernia can also be affected, leading to what is known as strangulation of the bowel. 

Hernias are what are known as structural physical problems which means they do not improve until surgical repair is performed. 

We offer these procedures usually as a planned day case operation, and we often uses keyhole surgery techniques which have the benefit of reducing wound size and post-operative pain, as well as modern mesh to provide more secure and durable repair. 

Mark Tomlinson regularly performs both planned and emergency abdominal hernia surgery, with very low risk to patients, and excellent outcomes, and can guide you safely through the various options for your surgery.

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